Forts & Battlefields
of Alabama

Explore the military history of Alabama with our online journeys to historic forts and battlefields plus in-depth articles about key events in the state.
Battlefields and Forts of Alabama
Military History in Alabama
The directory below will help you visit significant military sites and learn more about the military history of Alabama
Alabama was the scene of war and conflict from the days of Hernando de Soto until the end of the Civil War. Two Egg TV helps you explore the forts, battlefields and military history of Alabama with articles and videos.
  1. Fort Mims Historic Site
    The bloody destruction of Fort Mims by Red Stick forces during the Creek War of 1813-1814 was one of the most significant events in Alabama and U.S. history.
  2. Battle of Horseshoe Bend
    The main army of the Red Stick Creeks fought nearly to the death against Andrew Jackson's U.S. army at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend.
  3. Battle of Fort Blakeley
    A desperate charge by Union troops including African-American men from the USCT assured the fall of Mobile near the end of the Civil War.
  4. Fort Mitchell Historic Site
    This restored log fort was a landmark of the Creek Wars, War of 1812, First Seminole War, and the Muscogee (Creek) Trail of Tears.
  5. Fort Morgan Historic Site
    Fort Morgan is a huge masonry fort at the entrance to Mobile Bay. It played a critical role in the Civil War's Battle of Mobile Bay and was a stop on the Trail of Tears.
  6. Battle of Spanish Fort
    A small Confederate garrison held off an overwhelming Union army for days in the siege and battle of Spanish Fort. Explore this Civil War battlefield with Two Egg TV.
Fort Mims Historic Site
Battle of Horseshoe Bend
Battle of Fort Blakeley
Fort Mitchell Historic Site
Fort Morgan Historic Site
Battle of Spanish Fort