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Explore the military history of Florida, Georgia and Alabama with our online journeys to historic forts and important battlefields!
Battlefields and Forts
Military History
The directory below will help you visit significant military sites in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama by state, the era of importance, and more.
The beautiful terrain of the U.S. Southeast still bears the scars of the many wars fought for its control. Two Egg TV is your online source for information on the forts and battlefields of Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. From histories of these important sites to photographs, videos, and information on visiting, you will find important details here:
  1. Alabama Forts & Battlefields
    Forts and battlefields dot the landscape of Alabama, reminders of events that changed the course of American history.
  2. Florida Forts & Battlefields
    From the massive walls of the Castillo de San Marcos at St. Augustine to pine woods of Olustee Battlefield, an array of important military sites awaits you in Florida.
  3. Georgia Forts & Battlefields
    Sherman's March to the Sea, the Atlanta Campaign, the Seminole and Creek Wars, and a war fought over an English sea captain's ear all left their mark in Georgia.
  4. Colonial, Revolutionary, 1812
    Major encounters of the Colonial conflicts, the American Revolution and War of 1812 took place at critical sites across Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.
  5. Civil War
    Trenches dug by desperate soldiers still scar the blood-soaked battlefields of the Deep South. From Kennesaw Mountain to Mobile Bay, Two Egg TV takes you there.
  6. Creek & Seminole Wars
    Native Americans east of the Mississippi made their determined last stands against the Trail of Tears on battlefields in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.
Alabama Forts & Battlefields
Florida Forts & Battlefields
Georgia Forts & Battlefields
Colonial, Revolutionary, 1812
Civil War Forts & Battlefields
Creek War & Seminole War