Forts & Battlefields of the Colonial era, American Revolution & War of 1812

Explore the military history of Florida, Georgia and Alabama with our online journeys to historic forts and important battlefields!
Battlefields and Forts of the Early Eras
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The directory below will help you visit significant military sites in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama from the Colonial era, American Revolution and War of 1812.
Florida, Georgia, and Alabama were the scenes of conflict and action during America's early military history. The directory below will help you explore the forts and battlefields of the Colonial era, Revolutionary War, and War of 1812.
  1. Castillo de San Marcos
    This massive fort defended St. Augustine, Florida, for more than 200 years and never fell in battle. Click to learn more about this historic Spanish castle.
  2. Battle of Fowltown
    The U.S. attack on the Native American village of Fowltown opened four decades of conflict remembered today as the Seminole Wars.
  3. Prospect Bluff Historic Sites
    This War of 1812 fort played a critical role in Great Britain's Gulf Coast Campaign and was later the scene of the deadliest cannons hot in American history.
  4. Battle of Fort Bowyer
    Fort Bowyer, an American post of the War of 1812, stood at today's Fort Morgan at Mobile Point, Alabama. Two important battles took place here.
  5. Battle of Kettle Creek
    Kettle Creek was a bloody American Revolution battle fought in the backcountry of Georgia. Patriot forces prevented a junction of Tories and British troops.
  6. Fort Frederica
    North America's most expensive British fortification of its day, Fort Frederica defended colonial Georgia from Spainish attack.
Castillo de San Marcos
Battle of Fowltown
Prospect Bluff Historic Sites
Battles of Fort Bowyer
Battle of Kettle Creek
Fort Frederica