Georgia Forts & Battlefields

Military history and historic sites in Georgia
Colonial Times to the Civil War
Forgotten Conflicts
Two Egg TV takes you deep into the murky past of Georgia with articles and videos that bring little known episodes and places to life.
One of the Thirteen Original States, Georgia was the scene of bloody conflict from the days of its earliest exploration until the end of the Civil War. You can explore many of its forts and battlefields today and learn why the Peach State was such fought for ground.
  1. Battle of Fowltown
    This small skirmish in Decatur County brought on four decades of bloody warfare. The battle was the first engagement of the Seminole Wars, which ultimately cost thousands of lives.
  2. Fort Hughes
    The city of Bainbridge traces its early days to this log stockade. U.S. troops built Fort Hughes during the First Seminole War and held it for a mere three weeks. In that time it was the scene of a fierce battle.
  3. Kennesaw Mountain
    The massive Battle of Kennesaw Mountain is the focus of today's Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. The engagement was part of Sherman's bloody Atlanta Campaign and was a signal Confederate victory.
  4. Battle of Bloody Marsh
    Bloody Marsh was a crucial battle in a war fought over an English sea captain's ear! Scot Highlanders made the marshes of St. Simons Island run red with blood and saved Georgia for Great Britain.
  5. Old Fort Jackson
    Fort James Jackson is Georgia's oldest standing brick fort and protected Savannah from attack during both the War of 1812 and the Civil War. It is rich in the military history of Georgia's Coastal Empire.
  6. Battle of Allatoona Pass
    Confederate troops attacked the Union fortifications of Allatoona Pass northeast of Atlanta on October 5, 1864. The desperate attempt to stop Sherman's March to the Sea ended in bloody defeat.
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