Ghosts, Monsters & Mysteries

The South wouldn't be the South without some great stories of ghosts, monsters, and things that go bump in the night! And no one tells you about them better than Two Egg TV.
  1. Ghost of Huggin' Molly
    Huggin' Molly is an enormous and terrifying female ghost who targets the teens of Abbeville, Alabama. The legend is so popular that the ghost is even featured on the Abbeville welcome signs along U.S. Highway 431. Plus there is a fantastic local restaurant named after the community's supernatural citizen. Learn more about this fun and spooky story in this video from Two Egg TV!
  2. Buried Alive!
    Being buried alive before your time has to be one of the most terrifying possibilities of them all! And it really happened in Chipley, Florida! Learn the story of a woman who went to the grave twice - and came back once in this fascinating story from Two Egg TV.
  3. Ghost Tour of Marianna, Florida
    If all the stories that surround its historic homes and churches are true, then Marianna may be one of the most haunted cities in Florida - if not the entire United States! Come along on a Two Egg TV sponsored tour - via video - to learn about the ghosts and specters that many say haunt the main street of this old Florida town.
  4. The Rood Dude!
    Bigfoot or Sasquatch has many creative names, but the "Rood Dude" is one of the best of them all! This enormous, hair-covered cryptid is said to prowl the swamps along Rood Creek in Southwest Georgia and is often reported along the shores of Lake Eufaula.